.: Is the photographer a man or a woman, and who will be present during the photo shoot?

Studio Ravish is a husband-wife photography team, which we think provides you with the best of both worlds, in terms of perspective and taste.  His background shooting fashion and lifestyle, and her background in wedding photography – provide the perfect combination for classy boudoir images that also have just enough edge and sex appeal to really catch the eye of your significant other. Both photographers and a female hair/make-up artist will be on-set during your photo shoot.  You’re welcome to bring a friend if doing so helps you feel more comfortable.  Regardless of location,there will be limited space available – so limit guests to one female friend, please.  

.: I’ve never done a photo shoot like this before. Will you help me pose?  

Absolutely!  We know just how to pose you for the most flattering, best-version-of-you pictures you can imagine.  We go to great lengths to make you feel comfortable on-set, whether in our studio or on-location, and you’ll leave your boudoir shoot feeling special and beautiful.

.: I don’t look like some of the women in your pictures.  Will my images look as good?  

We often work with swimwear and lingerie models, so it’s common for us to photograph models to showcase the kinds of images we shoot for our clients.  But you don’t have to look like a model to work with us!  The care and creativity we put into wardrobe, hair & make-up, lighting, composition and photo retouching all combine to put your sexy-best forward in each shot, and make sure all eyes are on you.

.: Will my images be used online in any way?  

Because we value the privacy of our clients and respect the intimate nature of your images, we do not post photos from client sessions in our portfolio, without asking first. Your images will remain private – and will never be used to promote Studio Ravish in any public way (online or otherwise) unless written permission is provided by the client.

.: Will my shoot be in-studio or on-location?

Your shoot location will depend on the collection you purchase, as collection prices vary based on location.  As a general rule, our Blind Date collection and First Kiss collection take place in-studio, while all other collections are photographed on-location (hotel, bed-and-breakfast, and the like).

.: How long will my photo shoot take?

The length of your session will vary based on the number of looks being photographed, and the kinds of imagery being created. Generally speaking, a two-look in-studio photo shoot for will take about 2 and 1/2 hours, while a three-look on-location shoot will likely last for 3 and 1/2 hours. *Each time estimate includes hair, make-up, and wardrobe changes.

.: What kinds of images will be photographed in my boudoir session?  

For each look, we’ll mostly photograph three-quarter length shot and full-length shots in a variety of poses (standing, lying down, seated, etc) using available furniture either in-studio or on-location.

.: Is professional hair & make-up included in the cost?

Yes, all three collections include professional hair & makeup.  Note: an extra fee will be applied for anyone bringing extensions to the shoot, expecting the stylist to apply them for you.

.: Will I receive prints or digital files as my final product?

As stated on our “collections” page, each collection varies based on the number of looks being photographed.  And generally, the number of looks photographed helps determine the kind of studio product most suited for you.  So the final product you receive depends entirely on the collection you purchase, and the studio products you choose (prints, leather bound albums, etc).

We are a full-service studio, selling prints, frames, albums, and the like.  We do not give away (or) sell digital files, apart from the digital smart phone album we offer.

.: Can prints or additional images be purchased?

Prints can be purchased a la carte, as well as books, canvas wall art, heirloom photo boxes, albums, etc. Contact us for detailed product / price information. We do not give away (or) sell digital files, apart from the digital smart phone album we offer.

.: What’s involved in the image proofing process after the shoot?

Following the photo session, your images will be sorted down to the very best frames from each look photographed. These images will be fully retouched (skin blemishes, stray hairs, color treatments, body-sculpting, etc).  From there, we’ll schedule your in-studio image reveal & ordering session.

.: Will I receive the unedited proofs from my shoot on a disc?

No, we do not give away or sell unedited proofs.  Given how quickly electronic images circulate the web via Facebook and the like, unedited proofs can be mistaken by others as finished images …which ultimately becomes a misrepresentation of our artistry and brand.

.: Am I allowed to post my digital images on social networking sites?

Our assumption is you’ll not be showing your images on social networking sites like Facebook.  However, if this does interest you, please let us know and we will provide low-resolution digital files of the images you’ve purchased in print.  These will be watermarked (in order to deter image theft) and should not be cropped or edited in any way to make the watermark less visible or to change the overall appearance (this includes Instagram filters and the like).

.: Have we missed anything? If you have other questions or concerns not addressed here, please contact us! The easiest way to reach us quickly is by email … info@studioravish.com. You can also contact us by phone at 614.551.3063.